PETS WEST offers the following dog training classes on a regular basis. Classes are 6 weeks long, meeting once per week.

  • PUPPY KINDERGARTEN – Starting as early as 10 weeks, learning basic puppy skills. Puppies will learn to walk on a leash and, we lay the groundwork for beginner. Confidence building, meeting new people and other dogs is a large part of this glass. We believe socialization is the keystone to puppy development.
  • BEGINNER OBEDIENCE – teaches good companion skills such as heeling, coming when called, standing for simple physical examination and staying in both a sit and down position with a group of dogs.
  • INTERMEDIATE OBEDIENCE – (Beginner Obedience prerequisite) – In this class the beginner exercises are polished and new exercises, including stand for exam, figure 8, long sit and long down with handler across the room and a recall with the handler across the room will be introduced.  Teams will also begin off-lead work. Emphasis in all exercises will be placed on developing positive teamwork between the dog and the handler. Proofing of all exercises is done to teach the dog to respond correctly regardless of what is going on around him/her.
  • NOVICE OBEDIENCE/NOVICE (Intermediate Obedience and approval of approval of instructor required). Students who are interested in beginning their competitive obedience careers will continue to polish and proof all novice level obedience exercises. Focus on teamwork and attention continues and as the teams progress, a foundation is laid for Open and Utility level exercises. Obedience and Rally Ring procedures are addressed in the class. Novice Polish is limited to 12 dog/handler teams.
  • TUNNELS – The Tunnelers class is a special skills class that is a numbered course comprised of mostly tunnels. The goal of the Tunnelers class is to demonstrate the dog’s ability to respond quickly to directional commands from the handler while negotiating a course comprised of only tunnels. Tunnels class is motivational and builds confidence in most dogs, while building a strong team bond between dog and handler. Both dogs and their owners love this class!! If you are interested in trying agility in the comfort of the indoors, this is the class for you. Tunnelers class is open to all dogs over 6 months of age that have basic obedience skills.
  • UTILITY – Utility is the most challenging class. It includes scent discrimination, directed retrieves, jumping and silent signal exercises.
  • JUMPERS WITH WEAVES – The Jumpers with weaves class is a special skills class that consists of jumps and weave poles. It is the next step in training for dog agility. This class highlights the natural jumping ability of the dog and tests the handler for effective handling styles, while moving at a rapid pace. In this class, the handler will be introduced to handling maneuvers to guide their dogs over jumps and through weave poles. This class increases the bond and communication between the dog and the owner. Jumper’s class is open to all dogs over 1 year old that have basic obedience skills. Although not required, dogs and handlers will typically have also taken the novice Tunnelers class.
  • CONFORMATION – Conformation in dogs refers solely to the externally visible details of a dog’s structure and appearance, as defined in detail by each dog breed’s written breed standard. A dog that conforms to most of the items of description in its individual breed standard is said to have good conformation.