PetsWest has a deep devotion to animals of all kinds. We have found many places in the area we feel the need to give to and help. Each one has their own special story and we feel very grateful to have to opportunity to help in any way possible.

Parker Paws – Pawsitive Pet Adoptions –

It is an all volunteer group, rescuing dogs and cats and placing them in foster homes until adoption. Most of the pets rescued come from shelters or were found as strays.
Rescued over 530 pets in 2014
Proceeds from online store on website benefit their Foster Program.
Cattailz –

Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on the welfare of felines
Focuses on shelter rescues of cats and kittens that are doomed for euthanasia
2-4 Life Project –

2 Feet, 4 Paws
Annual volunteer trips to Uganda to deliver medical supplies for both the children and animals, working hands-on with homeless children living in the slums, and building a school in a remote village.
Brings canine necessities and medical equipment for volunteer vets in the area to treat injured dogs.
Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation –

Provides a $30,000 scholarship account for every child who loses a parent serving in the United State Marine Corps or any Federal Law Enforcement Agency.
Has awarded over $64 million in scholarships and other humanitarian assistance, and has supported over 3,500 children.